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The Mission

I seek to offer careful thought on affairs that have laid weight upon me: such as events, films, novels, art, life, or whatever it may be. I hope that I may find enough thought and reason to establish a possible weight on you, the reader, that you may sense what I have found.

I bring, what I may, to the table, so this world may be clarified, so God’s prints may be more well acknowledged, and so His secret sunshine may be seen, in order that we may see God more clearly and strive to follow Him in love and respect.

All views I present are of my own mind, yet like many before me, there is a certain compile of design by the Father, His Son, and Spirit, which guides me. If you have questions or hope to chat please contact me, I can listen and present what I can, embracing a community.

The Name

I have called it “The Last Table” for three reasons.

One: it is in reference to the table Christ held His last supper at — the last time He spent with His disciples all together before His crucifixion, the place where the first Holy Communion took place, and also the “loser’s table”: the persecuted Christians and the crucified Christ, who are losers in this world, yet winners with God.

Two: it is in reference to the table where the wedding supper of the Lamb, in Revelation 19, will be eaten — the last and eternal meal we will share with God on that eighth and eternal day. A parallel of names can also be drawn between Lewis’s own Narnia end time, The Last Battle.

Three: it is in reference to the idiom “bring it to the table” — an idea of bringing this world to the table so it may be dissected and clarified, so we may come to appreciate God’s design of this world, and God’s ever-present effect on the people of this world.

So, I have named it “The Last Table” as an image of sin and death’s defeat, the community of hopeful love we can now enjoy as a Church, the beauty of creation, the servant/ruler role of Christians, God’s blessing of His children, and God’s eternal reign and eternal communion we will enjoy with Him dearly.

Also, the header image is from Cecil B. DeMille’s 1927 version of “The King of Kings”…I highly recommend this wonderful film, though please disregard the strange and extra-Biblical beginning, the rest of the film is phenomenal.

The Author

I am Cody Connor Kelley. I am a student, teacher, teaholic, and writer, currently finishing my MA in Shakespeare Studies. I have a BA in English Literature and a BA in Biblical Studies, and have previously taught both adult learners in college and children at a traditional academy. In addition to the more formal and personal posts of The Last Table, I also write short epistolary stories under my pseudonym Sire at The Letter Desk. I hope to use language in a manner of intentionality, drawing out a Christly hope and mercy onto the world. Through a literary ministry, I write for the underspoken and misunderstood, the emotionally broken, the lonely, the wondering families, and the unloved children. I write for those like the Canaanite woman begging for scraps from the table, eager to see her seated beside the King. May we all be brought to His table, that we may recline with Him dearly.

The Fox

Sire, most appropriately, has a life of his own, though perhaps born before his own time has arrived, being a traveler of distant and ancient places. He allows the author to go where the human cannot, where the walls of grace do not permit, where time and culture may bend and meet elsewhere. Why he only writes in letters is very simple: he never remains stationary long enough to write otherwise. Perhaps he is a spawn of the human defect that causes one to fear settling. Regardless, letters are his means and so The Letter Desk is his primary place of function. In due time, he will pat his paws in different dirt, but for now he remains so. Unfortunately, Sire’s history is far too complex for this little place, so I will not bother about drawing it out. The best you can do is accept his odd form and suspect him to always be hiding in flowerbeds and tailor shops, as any decent fox would do.